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CurAccel’s Project Management services provide a thorough methodology to organize the activities, manage the risks, manage the quality, manage the integration, manage the change, clarify the issues, document the knowledge, and improve the process.  As a result, efficient management of project activities are achieved to deliver faster and high quality of data. 

CurAccel can operate as a functional service provider or on a standalone basis.  At a minimum, our Project Management service offerings are:

  • Global and local project management

  • Vendors management

  • Quality control and oversight


Our Project Managers are assigned from project feasibility to project close out to ensure consistency is monitored and measured regularly to your expectations.


Our Project Managers will:

  • Hold an average of 10 years of industry experience

  • Serve as your primary point of contact to address any issues and risks proactively

  • Maintain a client-centric mindset to match your perspective accordingly

  • Integrate lesson learned from our knowledge base to offer approaches and insights innovatively

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