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CurAccel’s Clinical Data Management services provide a robust and simple data management solution that ensures high quality data.    Complementing our services is our preferred Electronic Data Capture (EDC) platform that our data managers utilize proficiently.  While the EDC is externally built, hosted, and supported, we are fully integrated with processes, technologies, expertise, and cost savings to best meet the client’s needs. 

CurAccel can operate as a functional service provider or on a standalone basis.  At a minimum, our Clinical Data Management service offerings are:

  • EDC (e-CRF design and development)

  • Database set-up (design, development and validation)

  • Randomization system set-up

  • Double data entry

  • Medical coding of events and medications (MedDRA and WHO Drug)

  • Coordinated clinical data cleaning and QCs review

  • Adverse Events reconciliations

  • Integration and transfers of external third-party data

  • Database lock

Our Clinical Data Managers will:

  • Hold an average of 10 years of industry experience

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