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We are comprised of experts from the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, healthcare, clinical research organization, and site management organization industries. With our strong financial backing and dynamic professionals, the firm is now aggressively expanding its services to reach more clients.

Our Solutions


Our Clients benefit from our status as a privately-held research organization because we have the autonomy to create the comprehensive clinical trial management and site management strategies needed to achieve their goals. And with our global resources, we have trained, experienced research professionals available in any geographic region ready to meet our clients’ objectives.

Our Team


A full-service and high-quality Phase I - IV clinical trial and site management CRO for the world's pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and healthcare companies.


Our proven ability to compete against large CROs means that we know how to leverage our experience, size, and culture in ways that provide efficient, cost-effective solutions. CurAccel's genuine executive participation is rare among global CROs, so our clients appreciate the value of their contributions.

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