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“to become the industry leader in driving the science to standard of care,” truly exemplifies the focus and reason for our in-depth collaboration with our clients. 


  • Be the industry leader in development of global medicine and medical devices.

  • Provide the agility of a small CRO with the capabilities and scalability of a large global CRO.

  • Keep volunteer safety and comfort paramount in our service plan.

  • Design and create adaptive clinical projects for the needs of your project.

  • Recruit unique target populations with phenomenal timelines.

  • Provide exceptional data quality with complete transparency.



Our goal for every project is to clearly demonstrate why CurAccel should be your partner of choice.  As your clinical development partner, CurAccel will:

  • Leverage our experience and site ownership to enhance the project;

  • Manage the project for cost savings and efficiencies

  • Promptly share data with our partner

  • Implement innovative strategies to optimize productivity

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